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Dr Pepper Made a Limited-Edition Ford Expedition 15-Pack

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Dr Pepper Ford Expedition 15-pack | Dr Pepper Expedition 15-pack | 2020 Ford Expedition
Behold, the limited-edition Dr Pepper Ford Expedition 15-pack
Photo: Ford Motor Company

When you think about the features you need in your vehicle, your mind probably glosses over one of the most important: cup holders. Think about it: Where else are you going to put your morning joe, your afternoon energy drink, or your loose change and small trash you plan to pitch later? Your cup holder, that’s where. The 2020 Ford Expedition doesn’t lack for cup holders with a total of 15, and Dr Pepper called attention to that nice, not-so-round number with a limited-edition 15-pack.

“We’re solving one of Expedition’s last unsolved big customer needs — what to do with 15 cupholders,” said Adam Longarzo, Ford Expedition consumer marketing manager. “We’ve teamed up with Dr Pepper to create a 15-pack that puts a drink in each holder and highlights another reason why this is a ‘better big’ vehicle.”

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Folks who visited the Cotton Bowl Stadium this month to see the University of Oklahoma pull out a win over the University of Texas had the chance to walk away with a limited-edition 15-pack of Dr Pepper. The case featured plenty of Ford branding, including a nice photo of the new Expedition in profile wearing an appropriate shade of red.

Dr Pepper Ford Expedition 15-pack

The 15 packs would have been best off going to people with plans to get a 2020 Ford Expedition seeing as it has the appropriate amount of cup holders. Given that many of the lucky recipients of a Dr Pepper Expedition 15-pack are likely from Texas, they may already have their eye on the 2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch, which brings back the beloved Lone Star State-themed trim. In any case, folks can rest assured that the cup holders in their Ford are up to the task of holding drinks.

Shockingly, there are no Dr Pepper Expedition 15-packs up on eBay as of press time. But that’s really a matter of inevitability, isn’t it? If you want to grab one up, keep your eyes peeled and get those 2020 Ford Expedition cup holders clean and ready.

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