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Drive a VW Golf GTI in Your Dreams

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sleep talking VW

There’s always that one car that you dream of driving. Some people reach for the pinnacle of luxury cars, and some look to performance vehicles with powerful engines and great driving dynamics. Everyone knows that Rebecca dreams of the BMW i3. Volkswagen took the idea of dream driving and used it to create its latest ad campaign, called “Sleep Talking”.

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In the commercial, a man dozing on the couch with his dog starts making odd snoring sounds. As we get closer, you hear that they really sound more like engine sounds. As we zoom into the man’s mind, we see him zipping around town in the VW Golf, shifting gears and steering in his sleep. Both the man and the dog are together in the car enjoying the ride.

sleep talking VW

To accompany this TV-ready commercial, two 360° videos were posted on YouTube that featured the man’s dream and the dog’s dream for viewers to explore. The man’s dream is colored with neon and decorated with music themes and other themes to convey the idea of ‘cool’. As for the dog, his dream is in full color and is inhabited by giant fire hydrants, hot dogs, tennis balls, and bones.

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The videos are certainly cute, and they seem to be hopping on the coattails of Subaru’s ever-popular dog bucket list commercial to pull at heartstrings and attract views. Time will tell if the VW Golf GTI has what it takes to beat other performance hatchbacks, like the Ford Focus RS, in the court of public opinion.