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Driverless Cars Could Cause Big Safety Concerns

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Driverless cars expected by 2020.

Driverless cars could cause safety problems if more technology is not developed to protect them from hackers.

The theory behind driverless cars were they’d make roads safer, but now experts are saying that might not hold true.

US security firms, Mission Secure Inc and Perrone Robotics Inc, report the technology needed to operate these driverless cars could also be a security weakness that would leave them vulnerable to computer hackers.

Once inside the system, hackers could override programs that tell the car whether to speed-up or slow-down in a particular situation, which would cause a huge threat to public safety.

UK testing of driverless cars

Driverless cars are not immune to computer hackers, which could disrupt the car’s programming.

Google has already tested their driverless cars on test tracks and hope to have the vehicles on the road by 2020, if not sooner. Google did admit earlier this year that 11 of their self-driving cars have been involved in minor accidents, since testing began.

Google and other companies hopefully have time to correct these issues, before driverless cars are expected to hit the road.

Source: dnaindia