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Driving Advice From Experienced Truckers

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Study Semi Truck Drivers in Short Supply as Demand Keeps IncreasingDriving an 18-wheeler is not an easy job. Not everyone can do it, especially those who are new to truck driving. Experienced drivers can help you get better by giving advice you won’t find in the books. This advice which will help you run your day smoothly, with no worries of accidents.

Look back at your truck after parking it

According to the truck driving school, you should always look back at your truck after exiting. You may never know what could happen: for instance, your blinker could be on because you bumped it while getting out, or you might’ve forgotten to turn off your lights.

Be aware of your trailer at all times

Your trailer may swerve off the road or go outside the dividing lines — this means you’re not exactly driving safely. You may be very well aware that your trailer is like a weapon — one that can cost not only your life, but others’ lives too.

Pre-trip inspections are important

It might not seem important until a DOT officer is asking if you completed your pre-trip inspection. It’ll save you time in the long run if you make sure that everything is in good working condition before setting off, like the tires, the pins, the light, the fifth wheel, and the valve stem covers.

Keep an eye on the tire path while reverse parking

Sometimes, the truck that just happened to pull out of a space had a perfect path for you to back into. Aim your tires for that same path by paying attention and you’ll pull off the perfect reverse parking job. Also remember the acronym GOAL: get out and look.

Always be careful

When you head back on the road from the truck stop, check the exit and stop signs and make sure you still know the way to the highway. There are sometimes different ways to exit, but not all will get you where you want.

This article was contributed by Costea Lestoc.