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Driving Picnic Tables Terrorize Australia

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Driving Picnic Tables Australia

Run away from these tables of death

Heading out on the road can be scary. Snow or rain makes roads difficult to drive on, and sometimes it seems as if other drivers forgot everything they learned in driver’s education. However, nothing is more terrifying than driving near a motorized picnic table. Check them out in motion below, and try not to hyperventilate.

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Two of these four-wheeled menaces have been seen roaming the streets in Perth, Australia. As if it was not bad enough that everything in Australia is already out to kill residents and visitors alike, now they have to be on the lookout for these wagons of death.


Scarborough Police are looking for the drivers of these vehicles because, in all seriousness, they are driving in traffic and no one at those tables is wearing any sort of safety gear. Not only that, but the passengers are very clearly enjoying a nice alcoholic beverage while piloting the tables around town. No matter how you slice it, drunk driving is illegal.

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If arrested, the picnic table revelers could be charged with driving an unroadworthy vehicle, driving an unlicensed vehicle, and drunk driving.

Scarborough Police are currently investigating the use of motorised picnic tables that have been seen travelling in the…

Posted by Western Australia Police on Monday, November 16, 2015

Help protect the people of Australia from this terror on wheels. If you live in Australia and see these vehicles on the road, please contact the local police.

News Source: The Huffington Post