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Earthquake Tosses Alaska’s Roads

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anchorage earthquakeIn case you missed the myriad of news alerts about it, this morning Alaska experienced a powerful 7.0 earthquake near the city of Anchorage. It triggered tsunami warnings and business closures all over the state. While you might be wondering what happened to the buildings, you should be asking what happened to the roads.

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One of the most dramatic examples of earthquake road damage was a ramp leading towards the airport that simply crumpled as the earth moved. Thankfully only one SUV was caught in the destruction, and the photos on the scene didn’t appear to show any damage besides the fact it was literally stranded with no way to get off its tiny patch of asphalt. It could possibly be a rental car, which would be a stroke of good luck, as a bystander reported that the car’s driver spoke to the police and then started walking to the airport instead.

Not that he got very far, as many flights were canceled or delayed thanks to the seismic event.

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Anchorage, a city of about 294,356 people according to the U.S. Census Bureau, experienced traffic more like a city twice or three times that size. This is partially thanks to large cracks and sinkholes that popped up along the highways, as documented by social media users.

The state of Alaska is fairly prepared for earthquakes thanks to its location, but this was certainly a larger event. We hope that everything gets back to business as usual for them as soon as possible.

News Source: NPR
Population Data: U.S. Census Bureau