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Easter Baby Born in a Chevy Tahoe

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Though each birth story is unique, not all of them feature a vehicular setting. For one baby girl born this Easter, however, the Chevy Tahoe will always hold a special place in her and her family’s hearts. 

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It all began early on Sunday morning when Johnny Stokes was speeding his pregnant daughter, Kaliyah, to Comer Children’s Hospital. Kaliyah was in labor in the passenger seat of her dad’s black Chevy Tahoe.

Johnny had just reached the intersection of 71st Street and Cottage Grove, when he knew that the baby just couldn’t wait any longer to enter the world. Thankfully, the 3rd District Police Station was nearby. Johnny parked the SUV near it and ran inside to find help. 

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Officers Lawrence Nickerson and Sean Hamil dashed to the scene to help deliver the baby. The Tahoe’s roomy cabin provided them with the space they needed to safely deliver the infant into the world. Hamil removed the umbilical cord from around her neck and handed her to her mother. Two female colleagues from the station also joined the scene, waiting with the family until an ambulance arrived to transport the duo to the hospital.

Baby Ava, born 8 pounds 2 ounces, and her mom are doing great. Though Hamil made light of the urgency of the event, referring to it as “just another day in [Chicago’s] 3rd District,” there’s no doubt that he and Nickerson are reveling in their honorary title of “uncle.” 

Johnny expressed his thanks to these officers for helping deliver his granddaughter. “They did an excellent job. Without them, I don’t know what would have happened.” 

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News Source: Chicago Sun-Times