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Ed Welburn Honored at GM Center for African American Arts Dedication

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Mary Barra and Ed Welburn at GM Center for African American Arts rededication

General Motors and CEO Mary Barra participated this week in the rededication of the General Motors Center for African American Arts, and in so doing, honored its Vice President of Global Design, Ed Welburn.

Welburn, who has been in his current position since March 2005, has been integral in building a network of 10 Design Centers across Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Korea, and the United States. Welburn has been with General Motors since 1972, starting as an associate designer at the Advanced Design Studios and ascending to his current role by excelling in various roles.

In February of last year, Welburn was named Black Engineer of the Year at the 29th annual “Becoming Everything You Are” conference in Washington, DC.

“Ed has built a legacy of design and artistic leadership in Detroit and the industry, and has recognized great talent and generously coached and mentored many young designers,” said Chairman and CEO Mary Barra. “His creative imprint is on more than four decades of GM concept and production cars, trucks and crossovers.”

General Motors is a long-time sponsor of the Detroit Institute of Arts, which is the first major museum for the arts to have a center focused entirely on the work of African-American artists.