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Ellen DeGeneres Sends Macey Hensley on a Historical RV Road Trip

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Macey Hensley RV Road Trip Ellen DeGeneres

Meet Macey Hensley: adorable 7-year-old and presidential expert

In February of 2015, America’s favorite TV host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres met 5-year-old Macey Hensley of Council Grove, Kansas. The adorable kid came strutting out in her cowgirl boots and went on to impress the entire crowd with her expansive knowledge of the Presidents of the United States. Since that appearance, Macey has made a few more stops on The Ellen Show, including a once in a lifetime meeting with former President Barack Obama.

Macey Hensley RV Road Trip Ellen DeGeneres

Macey knows top bunk = best bunk

Since everyone seems to love an adorable kid and everyone especially seems to need a good laugh these days, Ellen decided to send Macey and her family on a cross-country historical road trip in an El Monte RV. With Mom, Dad, and Grandma Marsha in tow, Macey jumped into the RV and immediately claimed the top bunk (a wise choice) while Grandma was stuck on the bottom bunk.

Macey Hensley RV Road Trip Ellen DeGeneres

“I swear not to tell!”

The first stop for Macey and her family was Boston, Massachusetts—quite the historical first site to visit. Macey attended a Boston Tea Party reenactment where she got to throw “tea” into the Boston Harbor and taste a variety of teas, which were, according to Macey’s facial expressions, not the tastiest. But then again, I don’t know many 7-year-olds that love a good cup of tea. After reenacting that pivotal moment in history, Macey and her family scuttled around to other historical sites in Boston, including The Freedom Trail and the Old State House. Macey made sure to educate the tour guides with facts about Paul Revere and John Tyler along the way.

Macey Hensley RV Road Trip Ellen DeGeneres

“I’m never conditioning my hair again,” exclaimed Macey after wearing Joe Kelly’s hat

After the historical sites, Macey was off to the home of the Boston Red Sox—Fenway Park—to throw the first pitch. Pitcher Joe Kelly gave Macey his hat to wear during a photo op while utility player Brock Holt asked Macey to say, “Yankees stink” before he gave her a personalized jersey to wear during the game.

The next stops on Macey’s cross-country historical road trip are Nashville, TN and multiple locations in Virginia. I’m sure this will be exciting for Macey, since her favorite president—Zachary Taylor—was born in the Old Dominion State. Stay tuned for more updates on Macey’s adventures!

Watch the first video diary from Macey’s trip below: