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Elon Musk Gives Us the D – Er, the Tesla D, That Is

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Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, is known for making pretty big announcements and boldly going where other auto CEOs don’t even dream of going. For instance, he recently promised that we’ll have fully self-driving Teslas within the next six years, and he even joked that he might be interested in making a flying car. Musk also just made a remark about colonizing Mars with actual humans.

Elon Musk Gives Us the D – Er, the Tesla D, That Is

Elon Musk Gives Us the D – Er, the Tesla D, That Is

The latest move from the eccentric and visionary CEO was on Twitter, when he teased the D. That’s the Tesla D, of course, or what might be the Tesla D. I’m not really entirely sure what the tweet entails, but he’s promised we’ll find out on October 9th.

Here’s the tweet in full:

As you can see by the photo, Musk gave us just the tip (of the car), but that’s enough to get our entire staff pretty amped. Only an hour after promising he’d give us the D and “something else” (maybe if we’re nasty?), Musk tweeted the following:

While hilarious, this indicates that there is probably another letter following the D. This makes it much more likely that the D stands for something like “Driver Assistance” or “Dual Motor” rather than an entirely new model, like the Tesla D. A new model like the Model D would be unexpected, as we’re still waiting on the reveal of the Tesla Model 3 from the automaker.

I can’t be sure enough, however, to make any positive statements. So if you want the D, you’re going to have to wait until October 9. Check back in then!