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BMW Encourages Drivers to “Embrace the Unknown” With New X4

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Embrace the UnknownAt last, BMW is unleashing their X4, which has been somewhat difficult to categorize. Technically speaking, it’s a compact crossover, but it could just as easily pass as an enormous coupe. While many are still not quite sure what to make of it, BMW has launched their first ad campaign for the X4 and centered it around the imperative: “Embrace the Unknown.”

In fact, the ad is all about imperatives. It’s driven by spoken word narration that urges the viewer to go. Go do what? Go do lots of things! Go first, go forth, go bold, go with the wave, and so on and so forth.  It borrows a great deal of its imagery from Inception, complete with the constantly shifting horizon of an undulating city.

Embrace the Unknown 2

You have to be willing to dream a little bit bigger, darling.

Perhaps most cruel: in showing off the X4’s ability to charge up a steep hill covered in show without losing traction, BMW has reminded us that winter is coming. Granted, it’s not coming for another 5 months or so, but that’s still far too soon.

Embrace the Unknown 3

Oh, dammit.

BMW urges drivers to “Embrace the Unknown;” whether new car buyers take their advice remains to be seen.