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Enclave Ad Is Nielsen’s 2013 Luxury Campaign of the Year

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Enclave Ad

Baby, it’s cold outside – but if you have an Enclave, you’ll have nothing to worry about. At least, that’s the message behind Buick’s “Landing” commercial, which was awarded Nielsen’s 2013 Luxury Campaign of the Year in its eighth annual Automotive Advertising Awards.

The Enclave ad features a family travelling home from a warmer destination. Arriving to wintery sub-zero temperatures, the dad uses the MyBuick app to access OnStar RemoteLink through his smartphone to start their Enclave from the comfort of the airplane. The family arrives to the warm car complete with heated front seats, and happily go on their way.

“We’re highlighting some great and unexpected features available across the Buick lineup,” Sandra Moore, director of Buick marketing, said in a recent news release. “The Enclave recorded its best-ever sales in 2013, so it’s very rewarding to see our messages resonating with consumers and we’re honored to receive this Nielsen award.”

The commercial resonates with drivers – especially after a particularly brutal winter. You can probably almost feel the frigid-ness when you watch the ad. Apparently others feel the same way, as the awards are based on the results of Nielsen’s national TV ad effectiveness surveys. The ads are evaluated on the ability to be remembered, have correct brand association, ability to recall the message or call to action, and ability to be liked.

Check out the Enclave ad below:

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