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Encore and Envision Big for Buick in Strong November Sales

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Buick saw big sales gains in November with a total of 18,530 units delivered in the United States, up 16.1% year-over-year. Buick’s retail sales were up 22% at 17,444 units, good for the brand’s best performance for the month of November in 13 years.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Buick was led by another strong month for the Encore crossover. Total sales were up 39.5% at 7,162 units delivered, and retail sales were up 35%. Sales of the all-new Envision continued to chug along with 1,785 units delivered, and the Enclave added 3,508 units. Buick’s retail crossover sales totaled approximately 68% of all retail vehicle sales for the month.

Sales of the new Cascada convertible continued to grow even against the creep of colder weather. Buick delivered a total of 367 Cascadas throughout November, bringing its year-to-date total to 6,524 units. Sales of the Regal were up 49% at 1,746 units delivered, LaCrosse was down 27.6% at 2,427 units, and Verano was down 6.7% at 1,535 units.

Through November, Buick’s total sales in the US are up 3% at 208,343 units delivered. This increase is led by the Encore’s 70,810 units, 16% better than the 61,051 units delivered through November 2015, as well as cumulative sales of 10,262 units for the Envision. Sales of the Regal are up 9.4% at 18,524 units, sales of the Enclave are down 14.1% at 48.228 units, sales of the LaCrosse are down 36.3% at 24,756 units, and sales of the Verano are down 0.3% at 29,239 units.

Retail sales are up 5.2% after 11 months at 183,238 units, good for Buick’s best year-to-date retail performance since 2005.

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