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Engage Your Senses: 2015 Lincoln MKC at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

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2015 Lincoln MKC at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Soo Kang, interior design chief, Lincoln Motor Company, and James Smelser, veteran horn player for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The Lincoln Motor Company’s latest stop in the “Engage Your Senses” tour was the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, where representatives from the luxury automaker and the orchestra discussed the all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC.

Soo Kang, interior design chief for Lincoln, and James Smelser, horn player with almost 30 years of service at the CSO, explored the way balance, harmony, tempo, and emotion are used in both classical music and luxury automotive design. Before she joined Lincoln, Kang was a classically trained harpist who had once considered a career in music.

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“In the Lincoln MKC interior, the big and small shapes play off each other, just as with the big and small notes in a music piece,” she said.

She also reflected on how harmony within the team responsible for building the 2015 Lincoln MKC can be just as important as that between the individual players in an orchestra.

“The whole team has to be in rhythm; if someone misses a note, the customer, or audience, if you will, notices. This can create frustration or confusion.”

More Images of the 2015 Lincoln MKC Event at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

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