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Enterprise Introduces New Car-Subscription Service

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Car-sharing and car-subscription services have gradually grown in popularity during the past couple of years. From Maven to Cadillac Book 2.0, consumers in the U.S. and beyond have definitely started gravitating toward shorter commitments with vehicles they choose to drive.

Now, popular car-rental company Enterprise is getting in on the vehicle subscription trend. Per Auto Remarketing, it will launch this new service sometime within the next month. According to Enterprise’s parent company, Enterprise Holdings, this is the first subscription service in the U.S. car-rental industry.

Timeframe and objective for the launch 

Randal Narike, Enterprise Holdings executive vice president of operations, provides more details about the service. The company will introduce the program in three states to allow thorough time for testing and tweaking it. If all things go as planned, Enterprise will launch the service nationwide. 

He also expressed that the service was “specifically designed to meet evolving consumer needs.” It will provide consumers with a short-term alternative to the long-term financial commitment associated with leasing or purchasing a vehicle. 

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More details about the service

Enterprise’s new platform will include more than 20 makes and models to suit a variety of consumer preferences. According to Auto Remarketing, users can exchange vehicles up to four times per month. The vehicles in the program will also come with complementary services such as roadside assistance, maintenance, physical damage and liability coverage, and registration. Sirius XM radio is another potential perk that participants can take advantage of. 

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News Source: Auto Remarketing