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Family Lives in Chevy, Claims They Were Robbed

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Family Lives in Chevy

A Chevy can be a wonderful thing to drive, but it is no place to raise a family—especially one consisting of a husband, a wife, three kids, and five dogs. But that’s exactly what Bruce Davis of Idaho and his family are currently facing.

Reportedly, the family piled everything they owned into their Chevy during a move from Idaho to Washington state, where Bruce was to attend culinary school. Along the way, however, their car was broken into, in Portland, Oregon, and everything they owned—and all their money—was stolen from the roof rack of the car.

Family Lives in ChevySome skeptics are concerned that this is nothing but a scam, as people are now donating money to the family as they beg on the streets. It is admittedly somewhat strange that the family would keep their life savings not in a bank or even a wallet, but on the roof rack of their car.

Nevertheless, the family now lives out of their Chevy while begging for money on the highway. The kids are not in school.

“So we saved everything we could to come up here and we had it planned out penny for penny,” Shelley Davis, Bruce’s wife, told KATU.

She added, “When you don’t know where you’re going to stay from one night to the next, how do you put your kids in school?”

No further word has been issued on the family’s situation.