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Famous Peter Max VH1 Corvettes Will Be Restored and Auctioned Off

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Imagine you’re given the chance to win a collection of 36 expensive Corvettes, one from each year from 1953 through 1989, and all you have to do is call a 900 phone number and fork over two bucks. Then imagine, despite over 1.3 million calls, you’re the lucky winner. Now imagine you’re in New York to pick up your prize when a Pop Art legend, Mr. Max, gives you a call and asks you to come by his studio and offers you some money and artwork to hand over the Corvettes. What’s that? You can’t imagine ever doing something like that. Good, then we know you’re not Dennis Amodeo.

The Peter Max VH1 Corvettes

The Peter Max VH1 Corvettes

In case you’re unfamiliar with the tale of these Peter Max VH1 Corvettes, here’s a brief synopsis. Back in ’89, VH1 was trying to strike it big, so the company ran the said contest to give away the Corvettes to one lucky winner. Dennis Amodeo won, was flown out to New York, but was convinced to sell them instead to Peter Max (Mr. Max), the Pop Art legend, who intended to use the Corvettes for some big art project that would blend the American spirit of the Corvette with his funky, hippie art style.

The Peter Max VH1 Corvettes

Dennis. Dumb, dumb Dennis.

However, Mr. Max got tied up in some legal issues (tax fraud with everybody’s favorite, the IRS) and had a number of other projects going on as well. As a result, the legendary Peter Max VH1 Corvettes were shoved into a public parking garage where they collected dust. Over the last 25 years, they’ve been moved around even more, which is how Mr. Scott Heller got involved.

Heller took care of moving the Corvettes from one garage to another when the former garage was closing down. He orchestrated a couple more moves for the Corvettes as well. Heller has watched the Corvettes rot for years and finally asked Mr. Max if he was interested in restoring the cars together, selling them, and splitting the profits. Mr. Max, in his true oddball fashion, said no, but more recently, Mr. Max asked Heller if Heller would just buy them outright.

And that’s where we are today—Corvette lovers can rejoice. The long unattended Peter Max VH1 Corvettes will finally be given some TLC. After the restoration process (overseen by Heller and his family), the Corvettes will be taken to auction. And from there? Well that’s up to you. You know, if you’re filthy rich. If not, well, at least they won’t be in some random parking garage anymore.

Unless, of course, crazy Mr. Max outbids everyone and buys them back. We wouldn’t be surprised.

News Source: The New York Times