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Fiat Chrysler Announces Customer First Award for Excellence for Its Dealerships

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Fiat Chrysler is making sure its customers are satisfied during every step of the car buying process. The Italian-American carmaker recently announced its new Customer First Award for Excellence initiative. Through this new program, dealers will earn this designation when they offer the best in customer satisfaction.

“At its core, this initiative will enable each of our dealers to ear certification as Customer First Award for Excellence dealers and market themselves to customers as elite stores,” said Al Gardner, Head of Network Development for FCA North America. “We believe it will give us a serious competitive advantage in the marketplace that along with our great products and strong brands will significantly improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention in our dealerships.”

To earn the Customer First Award for Excellence designation, dealers must reach goals in five categories. They are as follows:

  • Facility: The dealership is clean and comfortable, and is certified every six months
  • Customer Processes: The dealers develop and use processes for key customer interactions, such as sales negotiation and delivery
  • Performance: Each dealer meets the required level of satisfaction in customer sales and service satisfaction surveys
  • Employee Survey: Employees are annually surveyed and the findings are shared with employees. Then, the employer acts on the feedback and results
  • Training Certification: The minimum requirement for sales, service, parts, and technical staff is met

This designation was awarded starting in October.