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Fiat Chrysler Takes Advantage of VW Dieselgate Scandal in Italy

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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

VW diesel owners in Italy that trade in their vehicles for a Fiat Chrysler model can earn up to $1,700 in rebates

Last month, Volkswagen’s reputation took a major hit after it was discovered the German carmaker had cheated on emissions testing. As VW continues its battle to recover its reputation, one of its major competitors has decided to go in for the kill. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recently announced a new incentive program in Italy that offers owners of any Volkswagen brand vehicle a hefty pay off if they trade in their car.

This incentive covers any vehicle from any Volkswagen brand. VW owners who trade in their cars can receive a rebate as high as $1,700, which can be put towards the purchase of a new Fiat Chrysler vehicle.

The rebate depends on the vehicle you choose. According to Bloomberg, the highest rebate you can receive is on the Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you decide to trade in for a Fiat Panda subcompact vehicle, you can receive 500 euros—the equivalent of about $563.

Since the scandal broke, the values of Volkswagen diesel vehicles have fallen an average of 13%. By taking advantage of this price drop, Fiat Chrysler is sure to make bank as Volkswagen diesel owners continue to look for new vehicles.

News Source: Bloomberg