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Fiat Chrysler Turns to Google and Samsung for Autonomous Driving and Infotainment Tech

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Rather than develop its own autonomous vehicle interface, FCA will instead utilize one developed by Google and its subsidiaries

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When it comes to self-driving, FCA is going third-party
Photo: FCA/Waymo

In recent years, an increasing number of automakers have revealed their plans to develop autonomous capabilities for their vehicles in-house. One automaker that has been rather quiet about anything on the self-driving front is Fiat Chrysler. That is, until now.

FCA recently announced its intention to utilize technology from Alphabet Inc’s Google and Samsung subsidiaries to connect all of its vehicles by 2022.

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Rather than develop a self-driving system on its own, FCA will instead rely on Google’s self-driving systems and programs. This aligns with FCA’s previous partnerships with Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving subsidiary.

FCA’s partnership with Google and Samsung will extend beyond autonomous driving as well. The automaker will also utilize the Android operating system globally for any in-vehicle infotainment, instead of relying on software that varies by region.

Doing so will bring some of Google and Samsung’s most popular music and video-based apps and programs to the infotainment systems of FCA’s vehicles. The new tech will also be able to make use of Samsung’s cloud-based digital platform. Information supplied by the new Google and Samsung-based tech can even help drivers locate fuel and charging stations, receive traffic updates, and even predict maintenance needs.

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The reliance on a third-party organization for in-vehicle tech and autonomous driving comes with its own set of pros and cons. While FCA will avoid spending money on developing self-driving tech, its autonomous advancement will be directly tied into the success of Google’s own initiatives. Plus, if Google and Samsung decide to end the partnership, it would be back to square one for FCA.

FCA owners won’t have to wait long to make use of this tech. The automaker says that the new capabilities will be available sometime in the second half of this year.

News Source: Reuters