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Fifth Harmony Surprises Sam Smith on Carpool Karaoke

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Fifth Harmony Sam Smith Carpool Karaoke

James Corden planned a special surprise for Sam Smith’s debut on Carpool Karaoke: his favorite group, Fifth Harmony.

The episode began like most of the others: James Corden picked up the phone and asked musician Sam Smith to join him on his commute to work so he could use the carpool lane. They sang a handful of Sam’s songs, including his two-time Grammy-winning hit “Stay with Me.”

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The energy inside the car skyrocketed the moment James mentioned Sam’s love of Fifth Harmony; “When I hear them, I feel free. I feel alive,” said Sam. “I listen to [‘Work from Home’] every time before I go out. I think it’s my wedding song. I want to walk down the aisle to it in heels. I’d love it if I got Fifth Harmony out at my wedding […] I’m obsessed with them. I’m just a Harmonizer.”

Of course, upon hearing Sam loves the song “Work from Home,” James flipped on the radio and they began to sing the song together. However, after just a few lines, James stopped the song and said it wasn’t working. “This doesn’t feel right,” James said. “There’s something missing.” He pulled over to the side of the road and made a quick phone call, seemingly to his producer. Before Sam could even realize what was going on, all four members of Fifth Harmony began piling into the back seat.

“Oh, I’m dead,” Sam exclaimed upon seeing the group, putting his head in his hands and screaming out of pure excitement. He greeted the group with kisses on the cheek, turning red and shaking. James then turned the radio back on, and Sam, James, and Fifth Harmony all joined together to sing their own version of “Work from Home.”

“That is my dream come true,” Sam said when the song was over, giving James a high-five. “That just made my year.”

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Watch the full episode of Carpool Karaoke here: