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Final Ford Study: L.A. Drivers Don’t Fear Ghosts Nearly Enough

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Ford Smart Mobility Experience

Ford’s Smart Mobility Tour has rolled through Orlando, Denver, and Seattle, and in each case, a small sample of the citizenry was asked if they believed the kinds of technologies found in Ford vehicles would be conducive to allaying fears like backing out onto busy streets or parking. Much to one’s surprise, the results of each survey found that, yes, people are likely to buy new vehicles with more safety technology. That’s a win for Ford!

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Recently, Ford rolled through Los Angeles, and with them, they brought another survey that asked 300 people from LA how much they hate backing out onto busy streets and people being in their blind spot. Not surprisingly, it reinforces the popularity of Ford’s Smart Mobility technology, finding that 70% of LA drivers would be more likely to purchase a vehicle with blind spot warning and 60% would be more likely to buy a vehicle with a rearview camera.

Also, drivers in LA are more afraid of backing out onto a busy street than of ghosts. Yeah, but are they more afraid of backing out onto a busy street full of DRIVING GHOSTS? These are the kinds of questions the world needs answered.

Unfortunately, it seems that the world will have to wait, as this stop brings the 2015 Smart Mobility Tour to a close. Maybe they’ll add that to the survey next year.

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