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First Footage from “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Showcases Various New Vehicles

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The latest installment in the "Star Wars" saga will introduce a variety of vehicles for "the galaxy's best pilot" to commander

It would appear that Han is in fact not riding “Solo”
Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd./ Disney

With an upcoming release date of May 25 set for Solo: A Star Wars Story, it was starting to seem like Disney and Lucasfilm were just going to forego marketing for the film altogether. Still, after months of waiting, Star Wars fans finally got their first look at the movie via a television spot during yesterday’s Super Bowl, followed by a trailer this morning.

The aforementioned trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story answered several questions surrounding the movie, including the identity of the mysterious steering wheel that Ron Howard, the film’s director, shared on social media last month.

Han Solo Speculation: Director Ron Howard Releases Image of Mysterious Steering Wheel from “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

As speculated, the steering wheel belongs to a landspeeder of some kind. A young Han Solo, portrayed by Alden Ehrenreich, is seen piloting the craft, with Emilia Clarke’s character Qi’ra in the passenger seat.

It would seem that Solo is just as skilled at piloting terrestrial-based vehicles as he is piloting spacecrafts, as he effortlessly outmaneuvers a series of pursuers down a crowded street. Of course, in true Star Wars fashion, he causes quite a bit of damage along the way.

The Fast and the Furious: Coruscant Drift
Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd./ Disney

This landspeeder isn’t the only vehicle to make an appearance during both the 45-second TV spot and the trailer. There are a number of different Star Wars vehicles, both old and new, that appear to play a pivotal role during the movie.

One of the more fascinating vehicles to show up during the promos is a rail-based train of some sort. This train will be the location of one of the film’s main action sequences, as we see a pair of characters fighting on top of the vehicle.

Star Wars presents: Snowpiercer
Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd./ Disney

The origin of this high-speed conflict likely has to due with the heist that Beckett, the character played by Woody Harrelson, sets up during the movie. We also get a better look at one of the characters on top of the train during the trailer, bearing ornate headgear and a melee weapon.

Could this be the main villain of the movie?
Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd./ Disney

Solo is later seen piloting a flying vehicle near a mountain range. With a squadron of other vehicles flying after him, the scoundrel will need to once again put his piloting skills to the test during this pursuit.

Unsurprisingly, the Millennium Falcon appears during the trailer as well. It’s looking a lot cleaner, both inside and out, so this is probably before Han wins it from Lando Calrissian.

Extreme Makeover: Millennium Falcon Edition
Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd./ Disney

Speaking of Lando, we get our first good look at him, portrayed by Donald Glover and sporting a large fur coat. No word on how Chewbacca feels about this particular accessory.

Hopefully it isn’t anybody Chewie knows
Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd./ Disney

Solo and his compatriots will be up against the Galactic Empire during the film. A sequence near the end of the trailer showcases the Falcon shaking off a new variety of TIE Fighters, before encountering a large, tentacled creature, which seem to be becoming a mainstay in Disney’s Star Wars movies.

To see all these Star Wars vehicles in action, you can watch the Super Bowl spot for the movie here:

And its official first trailer here:

Han Solo declares that it is his intention to become the best pilot in the galaxy during the trailer. Therefore, we can expect to see even more vehicles from a galaxy far, far away appear on screen when Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives in theaters this summer.

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