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First Restored Sinkhole Corvette Stops Off at SEMA

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The "Blue Devil" is the first restored sinkhole Corvette.

The “Blue Devil” is the first restored sinkhole Corvette.

Back in February, a massive sinkhole ripped open in the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, gobbling up a total of eight Corvettes. Many were beyond repair, but the museum and General Motors ultimately decided to salvage three of them. The very first restored sinkhole Corvette, a 2009 Corvette ZR1, is now back to its former glory and has stopped off in Vegas for the SEMA Show on its way back home.

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Nicknamed the “Blue Devil,” the ZR1 was the least damaged of the eight Corvettes involved. In fact, it only sat in the sinkhole for three weeks before it was strategically removed, and it was able to start up and drive right out of the Skydome in the museum.

The "Blue Devil" is the first restored sinkhole Corvette.

“It was great to recover it, bring it back to Chevrolet, and begin the restoration of this significant Corvette,” commented Jim Campbell, the US VP of performance vehicles and motorsports.

The Blue Devil was not immediately restored, however. It, with the other Corvettes, remained on display in its damaged condition until September, before heading to Chevy for six weeks of restoration.

The other two sinkhole Corvettes awaiting restoration will be addressed in 2015.

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