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Five Chevys That Should Have Had a Different Name

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February 13th is known as Get a Different Name Day. (Unless you’re Phoebe from Friends, who should definitely be banned from creating a new name for herself or any of her acquaintances…)

As a head-nod to this occasion, here are the top 5 worst names for Chevrolet vehicles that should’ve been called something (pretty much anything…) else.

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2018 Chevrolet Cavalier

2018 Chevrolet Cavalier


The secondary definition of “cavalier” means “showing a lack of proper concern; offhand,” as the Oxford Dictionary stated. Although this model might have started out with an awkward, incohesive design, it’s definitely morphed into a more streamlined and reasonably attractive sedan. Despite its aesthetic modification, however, this vehicle doesn’t fit the alternative definition of “cavalier,” which means “a supporter of King Charles I in the English Civil War.” 


1964 Chevrolet Greenbrier
Photo: Mr.choppers


This retired van model is another incarnation of a poorly-named vehicle. While “greenbrier” might suit the name of an 18th century British estate or pastoral village, there is nothing about this van that suggests “green” or “countryside.” (Unless, maybe, whoever owned one would drive only on remote country roads to avoid being seen in this blunt-nosed, boxy family hauler?…)


Classic 1978 Chevy Nova Coupe

1978 Chevy Nova Coupe


Chevy probably intended this car’s name to be symbolic of the exploding star type of “nova,” however, an exploding entity or object is probably the last thing you want to associate a vehicle with, since consumers value their safety. Second reason why this name was a bad choice: “nova” literally translates to “no go,” in Spanish. As Sam Foley, contributor with MSN, expresses, the Chevy Nova is a “legendary example of misinformed international branding.”


1978 chevy luv

1978 Chevy Luv
Photo: order_242


Some vehicle names aren’t horrendous, they’re just non-words. The Chevy “Luv” falls into this category. But perhaps it was just an avant-garde foreshadowing of the text-speak so prevalent in our culture today (e.g. “I luv you,” “totes adorbs,” etc.).


Chevy Celebrity station wagon


This one definitely deserves a name makeover, since no celebrity would want to be seen in such a practical, homely ride. (Unless maybe they were going incognito for a weekend camping trip with their two kids in some destitute countryside locale…)


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