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Florida Man Has Starbucks Privileges Reinstated After Being Banned for Doing Right Thing

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Florida Man Has Starbucks Privileges Reinstated After Being Banned for Doing Right Thing

Rob Rowen was banned after pointing out a customer without proper ID parked in a handicapped space
Photo: Rudolf Schuba

Florida native Rob Rowen didn’t think it was right that a Starbucks manager wrote a letter banning him from the coffee shop because he called out a fellow customer for using the store’s only handicapped parking space, without displaying a handicapped sticker or licence plate.

“She said to me, ‘You’re harassing my customers,'” Rowen said. “I said, ‘I’m one of your customers. I’m a regular customer, and I’m trying to help you protect your other customers who might not be able to park anywhere else.'”

Rowen said he reacted so passionately because his son-in-law is a person that needs to use handicapped parking spaces because of his disability.  Rowen took photos of the violation and wrote about his banishment on his Facebook page. He ended up getting a meeting with a senior vice president from Starbucks’ regional office in Austin, who reinstated Rowen’s latte privileges.

Starbucks released this statement regarding the issue:

We are working with the landlord of the property where this store is located to improve the parking situation. It is our goal to provide a warm, friendly and positive experience for all of our customers.

Rowen said he told the VP his gripe wasn’t about being banned from Starbucks, but how the shop was dealing with their handicapped customers. He even offered solutions to the VP, such as providing their managers with better training and offering their disabled customers one free latte to show they are really sorry.

Throughout this ordeal, there has been one silver lining though for Rowen, as he was able to earn a new nickname. He now jokingly goes by Rob “Starbucks Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” Rowen.

Here’s video footage that features Rowen speaking about the situation:

Via: mynews13