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Florida Man Sells Extra Terrestrial Vehicle on eBay for $190,000

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Michael Vetter is a custom car creator from Florida who has built 60 custom cars over 20 years.  One of his creations that recently sold on eBay made the rounds in the news for being something out of this world.  Oh, did we mention that the “extra terrestrial vehicle” Vetter built and ultimately sold fetched a whopping $190,000 selling price?  Well, yeah, it did.

extra terrestrial vehicle

Vetter listed the ETV on eBay with a minimum starting bid of $100,000.  The “extra terrestrial vehicle” was built from scratch from fiberglass and carbon with a custom chassis and powered by an otherwise earthly 2.2L supercharged 4-cylinder Chevy motor.

Fitted with gullwing doors and underbody LED color-changing lighting system, the ETV looks like a Batmobile prototype by way of H.R. Geiger and Daft Punk.  Unfortunately, those with a couple hundred thousand left to burn will have to wait for the next one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime ETVs to come around, as Vetter recently sold the vehicle to an interested party.  We can only assume it was internet legend Tron Guy.

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