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Florida Man Steals $1,700 in Items from Walmart With Meth Lab in Trunk

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Oh, Florida. Will your people never cease to amaze?

Today’s recipient of the title of FLORIDA MAN began his day in St. Augustine, Florida, by shoplifting from a local Walmart. However, FLORIDA MAN is no slacker—rather than stealing a $2 stick of lip balm or slipping on a $5 t-shirt under his own clothes, this man stole $1,700 worth of merchandise.


This being Walmart, that is a LOT of merchandise

There is no mention of whether the man did this a bit at a time, or if he just carried it all at once (we like to imagine him hiding it all under his shirt and pretending to be a pregnant woman). In any case, FLORIDA MAN’s theft was noticed by a Walmart employee, who called police.

Deputies caught FLORIDA MAN and walked him to his car, where they suspected that there was more stolen merchandise. That suspicion grew when they reached the car – there was a white bucket inside that the deputies believed the man probably was using to hide more stolen items.

In FLORIDA MAN’s defense, he wasn’t hiding any stolen goods in the bucket. What he was hiding, though, was a mobile, car-trunk “one-pot operation” meth lab.

The area had to be closed as HAZMAT teams cleaned the area and deputies were taken to the hospital to be treated for inhaling the fumes from the meth bucket. Similarly, the car (which the man had apparently borrowed from a friend before turning it into a rolling meth lab) and all of the stolen items had to be decontaminated.


I suppose there’s some items for the “clearance” section
Image: Mike Mozart

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