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Foley the “PacifiPuppy” Celebrates National Puppy Day

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The adventures of Foley the PacifiPuppy continue!

It has been about 10 days since Foley the PacifiPuppy was first introduced to the world. The official “spokes-puppy” of the Chrysler Pacifica, Foley is also currently training to be an assistance dog through Canine Companions for Independence.

When Chrysler and Canine Companions for Independence first introduced the four-legged minivan mascot, Chrysler promised to document his journey to become an assistance dog, especially during special days of the year. One of those days happened to be today, National Puppy Day.

So how did Foley celebrate this special day? Chrysler and Canine Companions have provided the answers.

Leading up to National Puppy Day, Foley began to work on some simple commands, issued by his personal trainer. According to the Canine Companions blog, Foley is already learning commands like “sit,” “walk,” and “roll over.”

You can witness Foley practicing some of his skills in the Canine Companions video below:

Over the course of his two-year training  process to become a certified Canine Companion assistance dog, Foley will learn up to 40 commands. He, and other assistance dogs like him, need to learn those commands in order to help provide assistance to people with disabilities.

Of course, Canine Companions wants to ensure that Foley works on his socialization skills as well. So for National Puppy Day, the group brought Foley out for a playdate with other Canine Companions puppies.

Chrysler caught up with its PacifiPup, only to find that all of that playing had tuckered him out. Regardless, the moment was too cute for Chrysler not to share it on social media.

Meanwhile, Canine Companions for Independence is celebrating National Puppy Day on its social media pages by posting an image of an assistance dog every hour throughout the day.

The partnership between Chrysler and Canine Companions for Independence began when Chrysler was developing the BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica, a wheelchair-accessible model of its popular minivan. Chrysler worked with Canine Companions to ensure that many of the amenities featured inside the van could be utilized by assistance dogs.

As a result of the partnership, Chrysler decided to help sponsor an assistance dog and document its journey. That puppy ended up being Foley, a 14-week-old Golden Retriever, Labrador cross puppy.

As Foley continues his journey to become a certified Canine Companion, Chrysler has promised to be there on landmark days of his journey, just like this one.

Source: Canine Companions for Independence Blog