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Foo Fighters Rick Roll Westboro Baptist Church from Pickup Truck

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On Friday, August 21st, the Westboro Baptist Church, the nation’s protestingest church, picketed outside a Foo Fighters concert at Kansas City’s Sprint Center before the show began, bearing the usual signs of “God hates fags” and “Obama is the Antichrist.” It seems that the Foo Fighters weren’t about to take that lying down.

The band rolled up to the protestors in a pickup truck, blaring Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” and holding signs reading “You got Rick Roll’d” and “Keep it clean.” You better believe there was video (warning: video includes a rather large man in a rather small bathing suit).

Here’s another angle, posted by the Sprint Center itself:

What a night with the Foo Fighters here at Sprint Center.

Posted by Sprint Center on Friday, August 21, 2015

The Rick Roll meme has existed for a long time, with people using a bait-and-switch method to trick someone into viewing the video, although it’s unclear whether this has been used on the Westboro Baptist Church (we sincerely hope that it has).

This is also not the first time that the Foo Fighters and the WBC have gotten into a fracas in Kansas City. Back in September 2011, the group rolled up on a Westboro protest on a truck (although this was a flatbed, rather than a pickup) and gave the picketers an impromptu concert. While this sounds like a rather nice thing to do for the WBC protesters, the country song the Foo Fighters sang included the phrase “in the mood for some nice man muffins.”

We always knew the Foo Fighters were cool.

News Source: Billboard, Huffington Post