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Forbes Predicts Six Changes to Future Transportation

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Hyperlane, another technology that might take root in the days to come, to help curb time spent in traffic jams
Photo: Anthony Barrs and Baiyu Chen

As self-driving technology continues to progress, it’s normal to think of upcoming changes to transportation. A widespread adoption of automated vehicles is just one expected reality we’re likely to see in the years ahead. The Forbes Technology Council recently issued a list of upcoming innovations to expect for future travel. Here are just six of these anticipated innovations.

The HyperLoop

HyperLoops, like the one planned to connect Cleveland to Chicago, should surge in prevalence across the nation. This invention will help promote renewable energy while curbing congestion in urban areas.

Autonomous mass transit

Self-driving vehicles will supersede fuel-powered vehicles for both private and public use vehicles. This will result in shorter commutes while eliminating the need for parking and improving traffic flow.

AI-connected roads

Roads will start becoming as high-tech as the automated vehicles that navigate them. The Forbes Technology Council predicts that intelligent road tech like AI-connected sensors will help detect the physical condition of the roads while monitoring accidents. This will provide a more informed consumer experience for both commuters and tourists.

Wireless charging roads

Roads will start having built-in charging technology, so individuals won’t have to stop to replenish their vehicle’s battery power. This will minimize the cost and time involved with electric vehicle ownership.

Restricted public driver access

We’re already starting to see major cities implementing car-free zones in certain areas. Future roads should cater to bikes, self-driving cars, and pedestrians.

Vehicle purchasing shifts

The automotive industry should experience a shift in the way consumers buy, rent, and borrow vehicles. Services such as car sharing will be more prominent.

News Source: Forbes