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Ford Opened 88 Dealerships in China in One Day

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88 dealerships in China

Pictured: Changan Ford Automobile Co-President Marin Burela (left), Ford Motor Company President and CEO Alan Mulally (center), and Taiwan Lioho Group President Tsung Chen-Dao  Photo: Hao Yan /

What did you do last Thursday? Perhaps you went into the office and did your day’s work, maybe you snuck away to catch the day’s World Cup matchups, perhaps you obsessively combed through your hundred-game-deep wishlist as the annual Steam Summer Sale began. We’re pretty certain that, regardless of what you did with your Thursday (even if it included finally starting Bioshock: Infinite for the first time), it wasn’t anywhere near as good as Ford’s. What’d they do, you ask? Oh, you know, just opened 88 dealerships in China is all. No big whoop.

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Changan-Ford opened an astounding 88 showrooms on Thursday, June 19, bringing the total number of dealerships Ford has in the country to 750.

Since the event covered such a large area of the country, there were six separate events to celebrate the occasion—in Shanghai, Dongying, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, and Foshan.

In the first five months of the year, Changan-Ford has sold 332,813 vehicles, putting them well on pace to eclipse the record 678,951 vehicles sold in China in 2013. The joint venture created about $13.5 billion in revenue and a net profit of a little over $1 billion.

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“The swift development of the dealer network is a testament to the fact that we are steadily growing stronger,” said Luo Minggang, Changan-Ford executive vice president. “This would have been impossible without the concerted effort of our dealers and the vigorous support of our customers.”

“We will provide more Chinese consumers with high quality, green, smart products, better and more efficient services with more convenient access,” Luo said.

Changan-Ford President and CEO Marin Burela said that the expectation is to surpass 800 dealerships by the end of 2014. At this rate, you can probably expect the next 60 to open on a Tuesday.

Source: China Daily