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Ford Adaptive Steering Paves Way to More Precise Parking

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Ford Adaptive SteeringFord is planning on shaping the future for the way we steer by bringing Ford Adaptive Steering to market sometime within the next year. It is said that this new technology will make future Ford vehicle easier to maneuver and park in city driving situations and more enjoyable to drive on the highway and in higher speed situations.

So what makes Ford Adaptive Steering different? It will change the ratio between driver actions at the wheel and wheel response from a fixed to a constantly changing ratio. This allows vehicles to perform more appropriately in certain circumstances.

Say, for example, you are attempting to park your car before heading in to see a movie. Ford Adaptive Steering will adjust the ratio so that you have to work the wheel less in order to move the front wheels. This makes it considerably easier to squeeze in when other moviegoers are far less capable of parallel parking. At highway speeds, this will make your ride feel more athletic and nimble and increase the overall enjoyment you get out of your daytime commute.

Adaptive SteeringThe system, which was developed in partnership with steering/safety systems supplier Takata, will utilize an actuator that is placed within the steering wheel. That’s all. No actual changes to the steering system proper will be made, but the actuator will make all of the difference.

Ford Adaptive Steering will be available in select Ford vehicles beginning in 2015. We’d guess that the Mustang, Fiesta, Focus, and F-150 are likely bets, and with any luck, this interesting new tech will find its way into the Focus ST and Fiesta ST.

Source: Ford Motor Company