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Ford Announces Petty’s Garage 2016 Mustang GT King Special Editions

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Petty’s Garage 2016 Mustang GT King Premier Convertible

Petty’s Garage 2016 Mustang GT King Premier Convertible

It was announced today that Ford and Petty’s Garage will be teaming up for an extremely limited run of three modified 2016 Mustang GTs modeled after the heart of the man himself, Richard Petty.

The Petty’s Garage 2016 Mustang GT King edition will be offered in three different trims, each of which will be increasingly limited. There will be 243 examples built of the King edition, 43 examples of the King Premier, and just 14 of the King Premier convertible. All three models are built to the specs chosen by the racing legend, and each bears a take on his iconic blue and black color scheme.

“I’ve always liked the look of the Mustang, and the 2016 model gives us a great base car to work with,” said Richard Petty. “These new King edition Mustangs are pretty much the way I’d build my own. They are great fun to drive, and have a signature single exhaust.

“With the new paint on the Premier edition,” he added, “that’s how you know we built it. They look pretty sharp.”

Petty’s Garage 2016 Mustang GT King Premier Convertible

Petty’s Garage 2016 Mustang GT King Premier Convertible

The Petty’s Garage 2016 Mustang GT King edition takes a stock 2016 Ford Mustang GT and adds a Ford Performance supercharger that adds 235 horsepower for a combined output of 670 horses, as well as custom engine calibration, a cold-air intake, and a MagnaFlow exhaust. For the sake of comparison, the Petty’s Garage Mustang GT released earlier this year was capable of 627 horsepower with a Ford Racing/Roush supercharger.

The King edition also gets TrakPak Ford Performance halfshafts, upgraded rear axle, and three-way adjustable front and rear sway bars to help increase performance. The King edition rests on a throne of matte-black Petty’s Garage/HRE staggered 20-inch x 9-inch front wheels and 20-inch by 10-inch rear wheels wrapped in Continental Extreme Performance summer tires.

The King Premier takes that same formula and adds different wheels, big brake upgrade kit with six-piston fronts and four-piston rears over two-piece rotors, a leather interior, Petty’s Garage/BASF custom Petty blue, red, and white stripes coated in crushed and tumbled glass, and Petty blue body cladding. The King Premier Convertible is ostensibly the same package, only less the top.

If 670 horsepower isn’t enough, there’s an available supercharger upgrade to boost output to 727 horsepower, as well as alternate wheel brushings and a coil-over racing suspension.

If you want one of these, you’ll not only need to act fast, but you’ll need a fair chunk of change. The King edition starts at $67,495 and the King Premier starts at $90,495.