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Ford, BMW, Daimler, and VW Team Up to Plan EV Fast-Charging Network…in Europe

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The 2016 Ford C-MAX is a four-door hatchback that’s available in both hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants

You know how sometimes you start reading a headline, and you start to get excited, until the last few words let the air out of you a little bit? That is the case with me and the above headline, because four giant automakers teaming up to help push electric vehicles makes me excited.

And, if they are teaming up to work on fast-charging networks, that’s even better! Charging infrastructure is an issue that I am forced to talk about over and over until I have bizarre dreams where I want to go to work, but the extension cord from my house just won’t reach.

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The location that is seeing this unprecedented electric vehicle collaboration is Europe. That is a little disappointing for me in Southern Ohio.

However, it is still fantastic news. The four automakers’ goal is to build up a large number of charging stations around Europe’s major highways to allow EV drivers to travel long distances, with far shorter charging times than are currently available. The projected charging network would feature power levels up to 350 kW, significantly more powerful than most available chargers currently available.

The project is planned to start building in 2017, with an initial target of about 400 sites. However, in the three years afterward, the plan is to have thousands of charging sites up and available to the public.

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Or, as the automakers said in a joint statement, “The charging experience is expected to evolve to be as convenient as refueling at conventional gas stations.”

That is a highly admirable goal, and one which, if accomplished, may very well lead to the widespread proliferation of electric vehicles.

Well, at least in Europe.

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News Source: Automotive News