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Ford Employees Get Chance to Experience Model TT Rides Around Headquarters

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Trevor Cox Ford TT

Your job is pretty cool, right? It might not be, though. Maybe you have one of those dirty jobs like on that Mike Rowe show. And that’s terrible. Mike Rowe, that is. Not having a job.

Even if you have a cool job that is neat, it is not nearly as neat has it must have been to have been a Ford Motor Company selected last month to take a ride around the parking lot of Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn in a 1921 Model TT. These employees had the privilege to drive in the nearly century-old Ford truck as part of a centennial celebration for Ford trucks as a whole.

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“I have fond memories of going down to Virginia when he was launching to the Norfolk and Louisville plants,” said Charlotte Shafer, a materials compliance engineer in Product Development. “My life has always revolved around F-150s and Ford trucks.”

Shafer said that her experience in the passenger seat of a 1921 Ford Model TT was “incredible,” although perhaps a bit more exhilarating than even she had bargained for.

“I wasn’t expecting it to ride as nice as it did or feel as fast as it did.”

Also participating was Trevor Cox, a Super Duty Program Buyer, who said: “Overall, it was an awesome experience just to be able to sit in something so rare and historic for our company and learn about how it was made.”

Ford in August celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the launch of the Ford Model TT, its first dedicated light-duty truck. Selling 1.3 million examples in 11 years, the Model TT served as the progenitor for today’s F-Series, which has been America’s best-selling truck for 40 years running.

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