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2020 Ford Escape Revealed at Escapeville in Greenfield Village

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Ford Escapeville
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford was evidently so excited for its new 2020 Ford Escape that it opted to roll out the red blue carpet. To achieve this, it turned to Imagination Detroit for the task of rendering a large chunk of Greenfield Village in Dearborn blue, turning it into a wonderland known as Escapeville.

Alistair Wilson, the managing director of Imagination Detroit, said that the idea arose from the idea of creating a recognizable turf — literally and figuratively — for the Ford Escape to show its stuff. Home to a museum that houses items from the automaker’s history, the village was the perfect place for Wilson and his team to lay down 35,000 square feet of blue carpet.

“Greenfield Village is a place where only Ford can play,” he said. “It’s so connected to the early years of the Ford brand and it so illustrates that leap from then to tomorrow.”

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Ford Escapeville

Escapeville, is it were, also included several pop-ups tied into Ford branding, including Co-Pilates360 — which plays on the name of the Ford Co-Pilot360 safety system standard on the Escape — to a Heads-Up Hair Salon with a stylist named Alexa Waze that plays upon the Escape’s Heads-Up Display and Amazon Alexa and Waze integration via Ford SYNC 3 AppLink.

Also featured at Escapeville were jugglers (though hopefully not crusty ones), break-dancers, musicians, and more than 70 actors who filled various roles throughout the village.

The all-new 2020 Ford Escape will arrive later this year and offer four different powertrain options, including a hybrid and plug-in hybrid.

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