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Ford Fiesta ST Tops All Competitors in Parkers New Car Awards 2019

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Ford Fiesta ST Parkers New Car Awards 2019

Tragically, the all-new Ford Fiesta ST is not coming to the United States. We’ve made peace with it, but it still cuts pretty deep — even if Ford’s keeping the current-gen Fiesta ST around for another year to help soften the blow just a bit.

That fact makes it all the more bittersweet to read that the new Ford Fiesta ST is earning plaudits overseas. Parkers, one of the UK’s foremost automotive publications, recently named the Fiesta ST the overall winner in its Parkers New Car Awards 2019. The hot hot hatch topped the Volkswagen Touareg, Volvo V60, and Hyundai Kona Electric for the overall title thanks to factors like its “its sensational dynamics, snappy styling and design, [and] ease of ownership”

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“We’re more than happy to have chosen a car that’s so affordable and fun to live with as the Ford Fiesta ST out of a brilliant line-up of cars,” said Parkers editor Keith Adams. “The Ford Fiesta ST takes the overall honors because it’s an outstanding car. Not just in terms of driver interaction and enjoyment, which is a given in a modern fast Ford. Neither does it simply win because it’s astonishing value for money, offering more ability for your monthly payments than any other car in its class. No, the Fiesta ST is a landmark car — it’s a sporty model for everyone, which proves that in a world of escalating power outputs and performance figures, less really does equal more. It really is head and shoulders above all of its rivals.”

A landmark car, he says. You all in Europe had better enjoy the hell out of this thing for your beleaguered hot-hatch-loving comrades in America.

Parkers also named the new Focus its Best Small Family Car and the Fiesta its Best New Car.

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