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Ford Files for Evos Trademark, But Will It Be Pronounced Eh-Vos or Ee-Vos?

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A recent trademark filing from Ford that harkens back to a fruit-bearing concept could spell out the name of a future electrified SUV.

Ford Authority reported on Friday that Ford has filed a trademark/service mark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the name Evos. The mark, filed on June 25, is identified as being for “Motor vehicles; electric vehicles; trucks; sport utility vehicles; off-road vehicles; and structural parts, engines, trim, and insignia badges for the foregoing.”

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The Evos name, as Ford Authority notes, is not a new one for Ford. It previously adorned the 2011 Ford Evos, a coupe-like design concept with gullwing doors and a plug-in hybrid powertrain that was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Most notably, the Evos served the purpose of introducing Ford’s Kinetic 2.0 design language, which has since influenced the second-generation Ford Fusion and sixth-generation Ford Mustang.

Ford Evos Concept with Blue Oval Scholars

Pictured: The 2011 Ford Evos Concept with Blue Oval Scholars in 2013

The Evos name could potentially be applied to the battery-electric small SUV with an estimated 300-mile range that is expected to come to market by 2020. Ford has also announced a performance-focused electric crossover known as the Mach 1 for 2020, though it has yet to confirm that the Mach 1 and the SUV announced in January 2017 are one and the same.

Ford is in the midst of a significant lineup shakeup that will see 90 percent of its sales volume coming from trucks and SUVs (and their electrified variants) by 2020. Ford has in the meantime announced that it will discontinue its Fiesta, Fusion, Taurus, and Focus sedans for the United States by 2020, ultimately replacing them with new trucks, SUVs, and vehicles that occupy a “white space” between the conventional sedan and crossovers. CEO Jim Hackett has stated that Ford’s ambition is “reinventing the American car.”

Among the most burning questions: If Ford does indeed use the name in the future, will it be pronounced Eh-Vos or Ee-Vos? Inquiring minds need to know.

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News Source: Ford Authority