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New Ford Focus Wagon Made For Big Dogs (Literally)

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2019 Ford Focus Wagon Dog Box
Photo: Ford Motor Company

According to a new Ford-backed survey, 32 percent of 5,000 dog owners in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom admitted to not adequately securing their dogs while driving. The Blue Oval hopes to curb that shocking trend with its all-new Ford Focus Wagon, which has a larger and more dog-friendly cargo area thanks to the contributions of engineer and Australian Shepherd-owner Rene Berns.  

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“I know how much it means to me to be able to take Emil with me wherever I am going, and I’m proud that he has helped make that easier for other dog owners and their pets to travel safely and in comfort,” said Berns.

The result of Berns and Ford’s efforts is a cargo space that can even accommodate the world’s tallest dog breed, the Irish Wolfhound. This would help with one of the primary cited reasons for pet owners to not secure their pets while driving, with 14 percent of the 5,000 respondents saying they simply don’t have room for a dog crate.

“If you have a pet, please think of its safety in the same way you would about any other member of the family,” said dog training expert Graeme Hall. “I always carry my dog Lily in the boot in her crate. She can comfortably move around and everyone’s safe. I believe that’s the best solution.”

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Photo: Ford Motor Company

According to the survey, 26 percent of respondents said that their dogs had stuck their head out the window at some point, which is extremely dangerous for pets. Further, 32 percent said they don’t always secure their pets because the pets were resistant, and 31 percent said they didn’t feel the need to because of the distance of a particular drive.

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