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Ford Fusion Sport Wagon Spotted Not Looking Much Like a Wagon

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2019 Ford Focus ST Wagon | Ford Fusion sport wagon spotted testing
The Ford Fusion Sport Wagon looks more like a crossover and less like this here delicious Focus ST Wagon
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Last summer, a report from Bloomberg posited the idea of a Ford Fusion sport wagon joining the lineup after the Fusion sedan goes bye-bye. And while the Fusion has a bit more mileage left in its proverbial tank, several spy shots revealed on Monday suggest that its replacement is already coming along nicely.

Whether the prototype vehicle revealed by Autoblog photogs winds up being called the Fusion sport wagon or Fusion wagon (or, as Autoblog posits, the Fusin Active), one thing is pretty clear: It’s not really a wagon, or at least not in the conventional sense. In the vein of the Subaru Outback, which would presumably be its target competitor, the Fusion Sport Wagon is much closer to a midsize crossover because of its higher ride height. It’s got wagon-like proportions similar to the Ford Focus Wagon (see above), and that’s probably as close as you’re gonna get (and, for most, good enough).

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The proportions of the prototype — essentially an elongated Focus wagon with a confusing-looking butt — would lead one to believe that all-wheel drive and off-roading capability would be a selling point. Giving that its ostensibly replacing the Fusion sedan, it would probably also be aimed at families. While Ford didn’t comment on the Fusion wagon, spokesman Mike Levine said last year that the automaker will likely keep using the Fusion name after the sedan has left this mortal coil.

Replacing the Fusion sedan with a wagon-like crossover would be yet another move in Ford’s mission of, as CEO Jim Hackett put it, “reinventing the American car.” By eliminating conventional cars excluding the Mustang and swapping in more crossovers and trucks, Ford feels that it will remain fresh with drivers in a changing landscape.

Ford is expected to continue building the Fusion sedan through 2021, so we’ll likely have a while yet to wait before we see what its replacement looks like for realsies.

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News Source: Autoblog