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Ford GT Owners Get a Cool Order Kit, Too

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Ford GT Order Kit

As if you didn’t need more reasons to be bitter about the fact that you are not one of the very few people approved by Ford to own its new GT supercar, it turns out that you are also missing out on a sweet sensory kit that helps prepare owners for the arrival of their vehicles.

Ford is sending approved applicants an order kit that features exterior color samples with removable stripes, scaled-down replica wheels with different brake caliper colors, and interior material swatches. Just imagine if instead of sending this to people who are already going to be able to drive the GT someday soon, Ford offered these kits up for sale at a semi-reasonable price to the more than 6,000 people who applied for and failed to earn the right to own a Ford GT.

The kit also includes a space where owners will be able to place a replica VIN plate they receive after their orders are serialized.

Check out this unboxing/overview of the Ford GT order kit. Listen to that overly dramatic choral music in the background. Do you hear it? That’s what it sounds like to have one of these things on like your coffee table just sitting out so people can look at it.

“The Ford GT ordering kit is a critical piece in the purchase process,” said Henry Ford III, global marketing manager, Ford Performance. “This high-quality kit is a hands-on tool for Ford GT customers to enhance their ordering experience. Authentic colors, finishes, and materials will provide them an intimate, tactile way to discern the multitude of choices to configure their ideal supercar.”


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