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Ford Has Filed a Patent for its Own Batpod, Because Welcome to the Future and Also Gotham City

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Say, you remember The Dark Knight, right? Saw it in the theater, what, six or seven times? Or is that just me? Anyway, if you saw it—which you did, because of course you did—you’ll remember the part where the Tumbler gets wrecked during a chase scene. Suffering catastrophic damage, Batman initiates a sequence where the front of the vehicle transforms into a motorcycle—a Batpod, as it were—and detaches from the vehicle to continue the pursuit of The Joker.

Ya know what? Now that I’m in a mood and you’re in a mood, let’s just watch it:

Now that this is good and fresh in our minds, let’s take a moment to consider the fact that Ford has filed a patent for something startlingly similar.

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The patent for “Vehicle with an Integrated Electric Motorcycle” was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in October 2017, and the abstract was published April 26. It describes a “multimodal transportation apparatus [that] contains a motorcycle that is equipped with, and can be driven by an electric motor.” It’s posited as a mobility solution for urban environments where traveling via a smaller vehicle may be more practical, and as a means for emission-free travel should bans on combustion engines come to pass.

No, it won’t have any kind of cool machine guns or anything. Which begs the question: why did the Bat Pod have machine guns? Did Christopher Nolan not recall Batman’s aversion to firearms? Is nothing sacred anymore? Well, at least he didn’t have Batman straight up killing dudes like Zach Snyder, I guess.

In any case, don’t expect this to become a thing anytime soon, if at all. Ford’s still in the process of axing sedans and figuring out how to bridge the gap for entry-level car buyers, so motorcycle/car two-in-ones are probably not super profitable and a ways off in general.

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News Source: US Patent & Trademark Office