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Ford Interceptor Tops Michigan, LA Police Testing Again

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Ford EcoBoost Police Interceptor Sedan Testing

Recent testing of 2016 model year Ford EcoBoost Police Interceptor Sedans and Ford EcoBoost Police Interceptor Utility conducted by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and Michigan State Police reaffirms that both models are faster and more capable than the competition.

According to the LASD, the Ford EcoBoost Interceptor Sedan had a 0-60 mph time of 5.8 seconds, the 3.5-liter model scored the best-in-class lap time and average lap speed, and the 3.7-liter AWD model also scored the fastest lap and average lap time. The 2.0-liter Special Service Police Sedan also proved faster than the 2011 Crown Vic in terms of 0-60 and 0-100 times. The EcoBoost Interceptor Utility also scored best-in-class lap times, as well as a faster average lap time.

In MSP testing, the Interceptor Sedan was tops in acceleration, the Interceptor Utility was tops in acceleration and average lap times, and the Special Service Police Sedan also scored faster lap times than the Crowd Vic.

“We are proud to maintain our performance advantages, and these validate Ford Police Interceptor leadership,” said Arie Groeneveld, Ford Police Interceptor chief engineer. “We love the bragging rights, but for these officers, best-in-class performance is a huge safety attribute. Pursuits that end quickly are more likely pursuits that end safely. This team is obsessed with officer safety.”

As opposed to last year’s testing, both agencies are utilizing a new test procedure that focuses on stability and traction control to emphasize safety.