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Ford Masks GT Supercar, Asks Londoners to Guess the Make

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Ford GT London

Photo: Ford Europe via YouTube

Ford recently pulled off a marketing stunt in London where it put a Shelby GT350R on the street and stood by to gauge the reactions of pedestrians. Apparently, Ford really, really, really likes man-on-the-street stunts in London, as it also pulled off a similar feat with a Ford GT.

Here, Ford placed a GT supercar in a plaza somewhere in London and covered up all the badges.  The idea, you see, was to determine if aficionados could place it as being a Ford. The answers range from Lamborghini and McLaren to Bugatti and Ferrari to Zonda and, yes, even Braubus. One man asks if the GT is an electric car, which would actually be awesome.

The reactions upon hearing that the vehicle is a Ford are uniformly surprised, but the best by far is an older gentleman who excitedly exclaims “FORD!?” and then a pleased “ohhhhh!”

The second best is an older lady who simply says that it’s “cool” to hear that it’s a Ford, then follows that up by saying that it’s probably just a bit out of her price range but she would totally buy one if she hit the lottery. She then asks if it comes in automatic, because one can never be too sure when one is destined to hit the lotto and splurge a good chunk of it on a $400,000 supercar.

So what will Ford Europe do next to tease the people of London? We will have to wait and see.