Ford F-Series Super Duty History

Ford F-Series Super Duty History

Ford F-Series Super Duty History


The Ford F-150 is the cornerstone of the F-Series lineup and has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for over three decades. But for the driver that needs to tackle the toughest jobs, the Ford Super Duty has been the pickup of choice since the turn of the century.

Early History

Although the “Super Duty” name appeared in the Ford lineup as early as 1960, and first on an F-Series model in 1987, the F-Series Super Duty didn’t officially become its own distinct line of trucks until 1998. Introduced in 1998 for the 1999 model, the Ford Super Duty was for the first time cosmetically and mechanically unique from the F-150.

The first generation of the Ford Super Duty would run from 1999-2007 with a redesign signaling a second generation in 2008 that would run only until 2010. The Super Duty would enter its third generation in 2011, and it continues today.

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Recent History

Today, Ford continues to upgrade its engine offerings in the F-Series Super Duty. The most recent additions include advanced turbocharged diesel engines that generate immense torque, while maximizing efficiency. The introduction of elite trims, such as the King Ranch, has added luxury and advanced technology to the Super Duty’s unrivaled capability.


  • Best Resale Value Truck Award 2010
  • Truckin’ Magazine’s “Topline Pulling Power” award for 2011
  • Work Truck of the Year Award 2009

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