Ford Focus Electric History

Ford Focus Electric History

Ford Focus Electric History


The Ford Focus Electric first hit the market in 2012, in a time when many carmakers were introducing greener versions of their popular models. Even now, the Focus Electric continues to pave the way for Ford’s eco-friendly campaign, even bringing it global to the European market.


As the all-electric version of the ever-popular Focus, the Focus Electric is Ford’s first full production, all-electric car. First introduced in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the electric car first entered production in December 2011 at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan. It later became available to retail customers in May 2012 in the limited market of California, New York, and New Jersey and was marketed to Europe in August 2013.

Ford Focus Electric Awards

Since its introduction, the Focus Electric has won awards such as the 2011 Green Car Vision Award at the 2011 Washington Auto Show. It was also one of five finalists for the 2012 Gren Car of the Year award and is considered the most fuel-efficient car sold in the United States for the compact class in 2012.

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Ford Focus Electric Fun Facts

  • EPA-estimated combined fuel economy of 105 MPGe
  • Considered the most fuel-efficient car sold in America’s compact class in 2012
  • Uses a 23kWh lithium-ion battery pack that delivers a range of 76 miles combined with an electric motor
  • A Focus BEV was featured on the Jay Leno Show in September 2009 to garner interest.

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