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Ford Motor Company of Canada Sees 7.1% Sales Slide in July

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Ford sales results July 2017

Ford Motor Company of Canada delivered a total of 27,669 vehicles in July, down 7.1% from deliveries totaling 29,778 vehicles the year prior. Car sales dropped 34.4% with deliveries totaling 3,793 vehicles, while truck sales fell slightly from 23,996 units in July 2016 to 23,876 units last month.

Despite the modest dip in truck sales, Ford Canada reported that sales of Explorer were up 25%, sales of Expedition were up 23%, and F-Series sales totaled an impressive 14,224 trucks to maintain its status as Canada’s most popular pickup brand.

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“The Ford Employee Pricing Event, which kicked-off in July, resonates with our customers who are taking advantage of special pricing to purchase Canadian best-sellers like the Ford F-150, Ford Explorer, and Ford Mustang,” said Mark Buzzell, president and CEO, Ford of Canada. “We look forward to meeting strong customer demand through the end of September with one of our most successful retail programs of the year.”

The Mustang also saw a considerable boost in June with sales up 27% year-over-year. The Mustang, which has been Canada’s best-selling sports car for 32 years and counting, will likely continue to reign with the upcoming launch of the 2018 Mustang. Ford announced on Monday that the new Mustang will feature a “Quiet Start” mode that will reduce the Mustang GT’s decibel levels to make it more neighbor-friendly.

Through July, Ford Canada’s total sales are up 4.6% with a total of 188,037 vehicles delivered. Car sales are down 16.2% at 25,308 vehicles and truck sales are up 8.8% at 162,729 vehicles.

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