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Ford, MSU To Expand Research Partnership

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Ford Motor Company | Ford, MSU To Expand Research Partnership

Ford and Michigan State University are growing its four-year-strong research and development partnership to explore opportunities in new fields including lightweight materials, autonomous technology, and sensors. Ford and the university have a longstanding, mutually beneficial partnership that has helped drive innovation and shape the futures of some of MSU’s brightest students.

“No company — no matter how large or vertically integrated — has the internal resources to lead in all important technical areas,” said Ed Krause, Ford global manager, external alliances. “Partnering with leading research universities like Michigan State is an important part of Ford’s strategy to access world-class external talent.”

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Ford and MSU have teamed on more than 50 projects since 2014, covering everything from the development of new engines to the incorporation of composite materials to vehicle electrification. The expansion of the partnership will see new levels of collaboration as well as the submission of new proposals from both MSU faculty and students and researchers from Ford.

“This is a leading example of collaboration between industry and academia that demonstrates how MSU partnerships can both advance research and help develop innovative global solutions,” said Charles Hasemann, Michigan State University assistant vice president for innovation and economic development, MSU Innovation Center.

Ford is in the process of a significant culture change as it transitions from a straightforward automaker to a developer of mobility solutions and technologies. Ford has committed to forward-thinking projects include portfolio-wide vehicle electrification, 3D printing, and autonomous vehicle development, and it has leveraged partnerships like that with MSU to expand its capabilities.

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