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Ford of Denmark Provides Rides in a Golden Mustang for Elderly Relatives of Employees

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Golden Ford Mustang



os·ten·ta·tious  /ˌä-stən-ˈtā-shəs /

“Attracting or seeking to attract attention, admiration, or envy often by gaudiness or obviousness; overly elaborate or conspicuous; characterized by, fond of, or evincing ostentation.”

Example of ostentatious in a sentence

“You know what’s a pretty ostentatious car? A Ford Mustang. You know what is ostentatiously ostentatious? A golden Ford Mustang. That’s like a whole different level of ostentatiousness.”

There is, indeed, a gold-wrapped Ford Mustang GT, and Ford of Denmark recently used it to surprise the elderly relatives of its employees as part of Ford’s Global Month of Caring. In order to qualify for a ride in the golden Mustang, a nominee had to be 80+ years old, live in a nursing home, and no longer be an active driver. So, yeah, it’s super ostentatious, but at least it’s for a decent cause.

“We called this initiative Golden Memories,” said Ford of Denmark Communications and Public Affairs Manager Lene Dahlquist. “We wanted to spark new memories for the elderly and to give them a great experience by taking them for a drive in a golden Mustang.”

“A ‘jury’ in the marketing department selected some of the nominees—and the employee who nominated the selected had the pleasure of giving their loved one a ride,” said Marketing Supervisor Kristine Dam Jensen. “The look on the faces of the elderly when they saw the car is something that will not be forgotten. They were so happy to get a ride in a Mustang and it was a very touching day for all involved.”

Well, maybe ostentatiousness for a good reason is all right.